Donald Y.

I am an American who resides in Toronto Canada. When my mother passed away in Southern Pines in 2018 I was left with a complex and daunting estate situation. I was referred to Jesse to deal with the matter. I no longer had any contacts in the area, knew nothing about Jesse, but after a very personable chat with him I decided to engage his services. I am extremely glad I did. He began by patiently explaining to me all the details concerning multiple trusts involving several financial institutions and other complex matters in a manner I could easily understand. He then proceeded to deal with all the complexities of the estate in a most expeditious and timely manner. The estate was settled in far less time than I would have expected. I also found his fees to be completely reasonable. I would also note that after the matter was settled a number of issues arose involving the very slow disbursements from various financial institutions that I found distressing. Jesse managed to rectify this and I was charged nothing for his extra efforts which were considerable. I found this quite generous.
In light of the above I would strongly recommend Jesse's services to anyone. He is efficient, clear in his explanations, able to deal with complex financial matters and always readily available.Looking back, I placed a lot of trust in a man I never met and in fact still have not met personally given the distances involved. And that is my only regret. I always found him personable, engaging, concerned and extremely pleasant in every way. I now consider him a friend.