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Estate Planning

Estate Planning Regardless of your net worth, there is one form of legal work that all clients need – Estate Planning. Estate Planning is simply the process whereby you make sure that (1) if you become incapacitated, that someone can handle your financial and medi… Read More
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Probate / Estate Administration

Probate / Estate Administration When someone passes away, the decedent’s Estate (i.e. the Estates of the decedent) typically goes through the court-supervised “probate” process. The North Carolina probate process requires the Court to make sure that the correct beneficiaries… Read More
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Business Formation

Business Formation One of the most important decisions — from an asset protection, tax, and practical standpoint — that a person can make is whether or not to form a business, regardless if it be anything from a real estate holding company to a medical practice. To… Read More
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Guardianship Due to age, incapacity, or whatever the case may be, guardianship is where one person becomes the court appointed legal guardian of another person (referred to as the “ward”). Guardianship is an unfortunate, but sometimes necessary, aspect of lif… Read More

Southern Pines Taxpayer Planning and Defense

Do You Need a Tax Attorney? The Internal Revenue Code is one of the most complicated sets of laws and regulations in America… and that is saying something! When it comes time to set up your estate plan or administer an estate, the Tax Man should be… Read More