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Jesse T. Coyle

Phone: 910-725-0498
Fax: 910-725-1095
Mr. Jesse T. Coyle is a licensed attorney in both North Carolina and Illinois, as well as a Certified Financial Planner™. Jesse has dedicated his career to helping all families navigate the complicated waters of estate planning and probate matters. Jesse and the members of Carolina Tax, Trusts & Estates are available for your call and would be pleased to assist you. Read More
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Robert J. Gallagher

Phone: 910-725-0498
Fax: 910-725-1095
Bob Gallagher is licensed in North Carolina, Virginia, and Massachusetts. He is a former U.S. Department of Justice Tax Division Trial Attorney with a passion for helping clients resolve their tax and estate matters and manage the probate process. Bob looks forward to helping you answer your questions. Read More
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Jennifer Falkenstern

Phone: 910-725-0498
Fax: 910-725-1095
Jennifer Falkenstern has worked with Jesse and Bob as a Paralegal since 2017, concentrating on estate planning and estate administration. Jennifer’s background in both the law and life — along with her compassion and dedication to her work — make her an integral part of the firm. Before moving to North Carolina in 2017, she successfully worked as an Estate Manag… Read More
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Clancy is a sweet, intelligent, and wily Labrador Retriever and Golden Retriever mix, born October 14th, 2015. He works at Carolina Tax, Trusts & Estates as its good will ambassador, and as its unofficial shredding machine of unwanted papers and whatnot. He accepts payment in the form of puppy treats. Read More
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Homer J. Krauza Coyle

Homer J. Krauza Coyle — or just “HJ” for short — was our rescue Dalmatian, born July 3rd, 2006. In addition to his Of Counsel Puppy at Law position, Homer served as chief of security. Due to his lower back travel constraints, he was seldom seen at the office. But even when not at the office, rest assured he was working hard at home to ensure the safety of all… Read More